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This Full stack web development course must study in 2021

hey all, this Full stack web development course helps in 2021. if you like to be a website developer in 2021 after your graduation, these tips will help you to study and get a job or upgrade your career. for FrontEnd Development we need to learn Angular, ReactJS, HTML, CSS, JavaScript with Bootstrap, jQuery, NodeJS. […]

PHP MySQL Query Concatenation

How to concatenate query in PHP? This below example helps you to get a simple idea about how to concatenate queries in PHP-MySQL. The code explains how to join and merge single MySQL queries into multiple sections in PHP variables The output code is simple shows off concatenated code

How to export/import your database from MySQL Server

To export you database from MySQL follow the below steps: First login to you Linux server with root / Administrator Privilege, $ su root and Enter you root password Syntax: # sudo mysqldump -u [username] -p [database name] > [database name].sql Example: # sudo mysqldump -u dbuser -p my_database > mydatabasefile.sql Enter Your Database Password ****** […]