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This Full stack web development course must study in 2021

hey all, this Full stack web development course helps in 2021. if you like to be a website developer in 2021 after your graduation, these tips will help you to study and get a job or upgrade your career. for FrontEnd Development we need to learn Angular, ReactJS, HTML, CSS, JavaScript with Bootstrap, jQuery, NodeJS. […]

Responsive Bootstrap navbar on hover

How to create responsive Bootstrap navbar on hover slide down effect without js Dear Friends, Thanks for visiting our blog page, now your are going to learn how to make bootstrap navbar menu on hover effect by simple steps, Create basic bootstrap menu from bootstrap documentation Try copy below HTML & CSS inside your project […]

How to add custom arrows in select options – CSS

Add Custom dropdown arrow using CSS [codesyntax lang=”php”] <style> select {     -moz-appearance: none;     -webkit-appearance: none;     appearance: none;     background-repeat:no-repeat;     background-image: url(‘../img/select.svg’) ;     background-position: right center;     background-size: 18px;     background-origin: content-box; } select::-ms-expand {     display: none; } </style> <select id=”select” name=”select”>     <option value=”1″>Option 1</option>     <option value=”2″>Option 2</option>     <option value=”3″>Option 3</option> </select> [/codesyntax]