Website Design Production

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website design production

When starting a web project there is a certain system of production that should be used. A set of rules that if followed correctly makes the process of designing a website easy, efficient, and productive.

There are many clients out there that have no clue as to the process of developing a website. These types of clients will come to you and ask for a mock up without giving you any guidelines what so ever. This really isn’t the best approach and it is best to schedule a meeting or arrange a time to discuss the project in full. There needs to be some details worked out before you can get into designing a website. First, you need to establish page content, functionality, what kind of site are they looking for. Very valuable questions need answered before you start mocking up a website.

First and foremost, is what style does the client like, or dislike. Picking out a few sites on the web is a good way to determine what style the client prefers. If you skip over this step you are more than likely going to be wasting yours and the client’s time and money. Once you establish a feel for what style they like, next you can work out the functionality.

Do they want a static site? Do they want a contact form instead of direct email link? These are other valuable questions you need to be asking.

Finally when you have preplanned what exactly is needed for the website then you can proceed to mocking up a design that will ultimately be used for coding out the site.

Now when it comes to mocking up sites it is best to use a design program first before you dive into coding out the site. This gives the most flexibility for nailing down the design before you proceed to building out the code, which is the most time consuming process of web design. Getting client approval on all artwork before you proceed to the production part of programming is really the best way to go. This ensures that the client is fully happy with the layout and design and the rest of the project is just production time of coding out the approved art work.

If you do not follow this approach you are more than likely going to be wasting time doing tasks that the client doesn’t like or prefer and in the end is not the best web design production practices.

Source by Craig Smith