Website Design Best Practices 2021

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In this digital age, a website is crucial for any business or entrepreneur. In the past, a company could get away with just a brochure and a phone number. But now, you’ll need to have a professional-looking website.

What if you want to start your own business, but don’t know how to make a website? Or what if you already have a website but it needs some new pizzazz? That’s where WordPress comes in! Read on to learn about the best WordPress themes for businesses in 2021.

Why Websites Are Important

No matter what kind of business you’re in, the number one priority for you and your company is to provide an exceptional customer experience. Customers are increasingly expecting great websites to make their purchasing experience easier and more enjoyable.

When a potential customer visits your website, they want to be able to find what they’re looking for and be guided through your site with ease. And how else can you do that other than by having an awesome website that follows the latest industry trends?

SEO, a frequent subject of discussion on the web these days, is the reason your website will be found in the first place. With it, visitors can find the information they need and decide if your company is worth checking out.

Choosing The Right Type For Your Business

If you’re not familiar with WordPress, a quick rundown is that it is a web-based platform that helps you easily create an online website. Although the process is pretty simple, it does take a little bit of time and research to select the perfect theme for your business.

Here are a few great ways to make your website stand out:

Layout : The web is changing, and one thing that has changed is the design. Businesses used to design their websites using canvas. Now, they’re experimenting with all sorts of other layouts. So, choose a layout that’s more suitable to your brand, and test it out to ensure that it’s fit for purpose. If it is, there’s no need to change it later.

: The web is changing, and one thing that has changed is the design.

What To Look For In A WordPress Theme

Your WordPress theme should be responsive, scalable, SEO-friendly, and feature robust visuals. All of these are essential, but only the last one is going to help you succeed. If your website features vivid colors, sharp imagery, and highly compelling navigation, you’re on your way to building a lucrative business.

In 2011, the PHP-powered WordPress theme framework was already out of the box, but it was still important to make sure it had the right developer behind it. And today, the WordPress framework has matured significantly and there’s no shortage of high-quality theme developers out there.

But who’s doing all the coding?

If you don’t have a developer in-house, you’re likely going to go to your bank to get some money to pay for a high-quality theme.

How to Navigate the Website Design Process

It might seem daunting at first, but following these steps will help you navigate the process of designing a website.

Define Your Website’s Goals

Before you even think about getting into the details of designing a website, you need to ask yourself a few key questions. These are the most important things you should consider, regardless of whether you’re designing a website for yourself or for a client.

Who do you want to get online to access your products or services?

How will you make sure they get there?

What will you offer that will draw them to your website?

What is the information you want them to see?

At the end of the day, you don’t need to create an entire website from scratch. The website itself is just one of many pieces of content.


Your website can be a great marketing tool for your business. You don’t have to hire a web designer to create a good-looking, functional website. But you do need to put some thought and effort into what you want your website to do.

These are just some WordPress themes that will get you started. But you can easily customize them to fit your needs.