The way to use Google API for Plagiarism detection in personal home page

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The manner i might do it would be to Google the web page name searching out specific suits. The chances are that if a person stole your content material they used the identical title.

From here you can then pull the page with the viable stolen content material and evaluate.

A extra state-of-the-art method might be to look your own content for statistically not going words and terms.phrases with a lower than average modern usage price. Then Google for content that carries all of the least in all likelihood phrases. but that is going to be plenty more difficult than the first technique as you will want to construct a huge database of low seek end result words and excessively used phrases in Google.

a third approach is to look your content for pass over-spelt words. Then have your Script Google the leave out-spelling and look for suits.

A forth – which is preventive handiest and works pleasant at stopping computerized scrapers is to have your device invent a made up word – a string of letters and numbers this is not going to have any search consequences in any respect. Then to have the script watch for new seek outcomes.

A combination of the above could in all likelihood make a truely superb script and one hat i might urge you to launch as open source.

excellent of luck with your challenge.
a way to use Google API for Plagiarism detection in personal home page

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