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“Web Site” Design Or “Website” Design – Which is Correct?

Is it website design or web site design? That’s a very good question. And it is a question I’ve been thinking about a lot lately. I’ve searched it. I’ve looked it up in the online dictionaries. I’ve read blogs on the subject. What exactly is the correct usage of website … or web site? Here […]

E-Commerce Website Design – How to Design a Successful Business Web Site

Every inch of space on a business website is crucial to its success. This includes empty spaces too. As a business website designer, you must make every inch sell. These are the steps to design a successful business website. Research and analysis. Visit the business, talk to a representative. The goal is to gain a […]

Writing a Request For Proposal For Web Site Design and Development

A company that is looking to get bids from several qualified vendors for a Web site design or development project will typically write a Request for Proposal (RFP) and either post it online or send it directly to potential vendors it has identified. As with any complex project, a Web site design project requires clear […]

Behavioural Triggered Factors Every eCommerce Site Need To Consider

Every aspect of eCommerce site matters to them, from website speed, product displays to payment and product reviews when it is comes to buying. Studies on online behaviour revealed that every shopper’s attitude, intentions and preference vary with the situations. They have many shopping orientations regarding the convenience, choice of style, price, trustworthiness, etc. before […]

Web Site Design for your Online Store

An increasing number of businesses are showing interest in expanding their online operations. The lure of ecommerce is too big to resist, even for the small-time businessmen. However, the dynamism and technical-soundness demanded by this field puts off many a budding entrepreneur. This is where ecommerce site design can be extremely helpful for small businesses. […]

Features That Enlist an Ecommerce Web Site Design

What does this web site have that other website designs don’t have? First, these websites are built with profit in mind. It doesn’t showcase anyone’s ideas or opinions. It does not showcase your style or one’s story in life. Neither does it post news happening around the world. Ecommerce web site design has tools that […]

Unbeatable Reasons That Should Make You Seriously Consider a Responsive Website Design for Your Site

Most of us remember the times when the Internet could be accessed only with the help of a computer or laptop. Well, those times are long gone, as people can now use their mobile phones, tablets, even TVs to do the same operation and access the desired information whenever they need. What does this mean? […]

The Importance of Web Site Design and Maintenance

Web site design and maintenance is essential to continuously attracting new customers and retaining old ones. You can generally get website design companies to create and maintain your new website for a discounted package rate. This makes your website almost hassle-free, so you can concentrate on improving your products or services instead. With an attractive […]

Web Design in 2021 – Ideas That Can Boost Site Conversions

Use Consistent Branding Branding has an effect on how an audience connects to different web owners, whether they have an eCommerce store that aims to market products more effectively or a blog that shares their experiences as new parents. No matter what business or industry, a brand conveys a message that could target the right […]

Website Design – The 8 “C’s” That Make a Site Sticky

I believe in judging a website by how well it converts visits into profits and this can be achieved with “stickiness”… the measure of how long a user spends on your site. The longer they stay the likelier they are to spend money, ask any good salesperson worth his weight in salt! Website Design, “stickiness” […]