Classifications of Industries in India: What They Are, How They Differ and Why You Should Care

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Every industry is different and has its own classification. This may sound like a trivial topic but it is actually an important one. Understanding how each industry fits into the bigger picture can help you compare them and decide what types of companies you want to work for.

When deciding on your career, you’ll need to know the types of industries in India. What are they, what do they do, and why do you need to care? This article will teach you all about them.

How do industries relate to each other?

When you start your career in a new industry, you should know that the industries related to it are also different. For example, if you’re looking for a job in advertising and public relations, you’ll need to figure out how they relate to each other.

Public relations is an important component of advertising. In fact, advertising relies on PR more than anything else. Public relations is responsible for publicizing the product or service being promoted and making sure its message reaches as many people as possible.

Advertising and public relation are both important to the success of any business so understanding how they relate to each other will make it easier for you to choose which industry would be best for your future career path. This article will teach you about some industries that may interest you along with their relationship with one another.

Industry Types and Their Differences

There are seven industry types in India:

  • Services
  • Manufacturing
  • Retail
  • Automobiles
  • IT & ITeS
  • Transport & Logistics
  • Banking & Financial Services

Why you should care about industry classifications

Industry classification is not a trivial topic, rather it’s an important one. Company size, scope, and how the industry is structured will all play into your decision of which company to work for. So that you don’t end up in a position where you’re unhappy with your career choice, it’s important to know what industries exist and what they do.

To start off, it’s crucial to understand the different types of industries in India. They can be broken into five categories: manufacturing, construction, infrastructure development, services, and tertiary services. These are just some of the many types of industries in India but they all have something different about them that will help you decide what type of company or sector to pursue.

When looking at these types of companies and industries in India you’ll need to think about company size. This will help you determine if they’re appropriate careers for you or not. For example, if your dream job is working for a huge company with lots of resources then manufacturing might not be the best option for your career path but construction might be more appropriate. If your dream job is working at a small startup then maybe engineering would fit better than consulting because their is more opportunity for advancement at startups than large companies like Google or McKinsey & Company. You’ll need to figure out what kind of company you want to work for so make sure you take this into account when figuring out which type of industry best fits your career goals.

Once you figure out which types

The 5 major industries of India

The top five industries in India are services, manufacturing, construction, wholesale and retail trade, and agriculture.

Each industry has its own classification. The service industry is generaly referred to as the tertiary sector. Services are defined as anything that doesn’t include production-related activities. Manufacturing is called the secondary sector. It includes activities like making goods and materials for profit. Construction is the primary sector. Wholesale or retail trade is considered a tertiary or quaternary sector of industry depending on country classification standards. And lastly agriculture is the primary or quaternary sector of Indian economy.


This includes a wide range of activities such as education, healthcare, research and development, design, management consulting and financial services.


In India, industries are categorized as follows:

Industries in India can be classified into 5 major industries, which are:

  1. Agriculture
  2. Mining
  3. Manufacturing
  4. Trade
  5. Services.

Industries can also be classified into sub-industries and the following:

  • Coal mines
  • Coal mines by type
  • Coal mine workers

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